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Puerto Escondido – A Surfing Paradise

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Puerto Escondido is a town in the state of Oaxaca, most well known as a surf destination for worldly travellers. If you’re looking for the town’s name sake (Puerto Escondido means Hidden Port) you’ve probably some to the wrong place and somewhere like Zipolite might suit you better. But if you’re here to ride the waves, then grab your board and hit the beach, because they’re waiting for you.

Photo by Jo Simon

Photo by Jo Simon

Puerto Escondido has long been the holiday destination for beach bums looking for a tan, surfers wanting to ride the iconic Mexican Pipeline, and anyone wanting to escape winter for the beautiful Pacific Coast of Mexico. It’s also a big party spot. During the day, most people find themselves at the beach and in the water. Water sports are a big hit among everybody, but of course surfers steal the limelight.

The best beach for surfing is Playa Zicatela, which also happens to be the central area for most travelers. It is three kilometers long, and located at the eastern end of Bahia Principal. The majority of traveler services are at the northern end of Playa Zicatela, but you’ll find some nice accommodation options and café on the southern end worth checking out. If you aren’t a surfer yet but you’d like to be, then look down at the beach for a surf instructor, or try in one of the town’s surf shops. Once your day of surfing is done, there are a lot of lovely beach restaurants and cafes where you can just surf-watch, especially around sunset. These spots get pretty busy when the surf competitions are in town, so if you want to watch head down early.

Another popular Puerto Escondido beach is Playa Carrizalillo, which is not a bad surf break popular with beginners, and is also a safe swimming spot. The beach itself is quite small, and very pretty. It doesn’t get too crowded, but if you’re coming from the town you might want to take a taxi as it is about a 30 minute walk. This might not sound like much, but there’s also almost 170 stairs to get to the beach, so once you’ve climbed down and back up again, you’ll probably want the cab.

Of course, if surfing isn’t your thing there are still lots of things that you can do in Puerto Escondido. One option is to take a walk to the Andador, the lighthouse. This is a dangerous surf break, but the walking area is very beautiful, and worth seeing.
Another strong favorite among visitors is a boat trip out into the deeper seas to view the local wildlife. Turtles and dolphins are particularly prevalent in the seas surrounding Puerto Escondido, and there are a number of companies that offer trips out to see them. There’s nothing like seeing a pod of dolphins arching over the gorgeous Mexican sea, and it is definitively worth every penny.

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Nuevo Leon – Northeastern Mexico’s Varied State

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Located in Northeastern Mexico, Nuevo Leon is a state home to some 4.5 million people, and is an ideal area to visit the next time you’re on holiday in Mexico. The reason behind this is the considerable variety of experiences that visitors can enjoy within the state’s bounds. Impressive contrasts between nature and man, culture and adventure, and incredible cuisine and lifestyle are sure to impress tourists and travellers alike.

The capital city of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, is a spot where the collision between modern living and history is really seen. The city’s Macroplaza is a perfect example of this, and tends to surprise visitors when they see the 18th century Metropolitan Cathedral rubbing shoulders with the Faro de Comercio (Lighthouse of Commerce) whose green laser beam is visible in many places city-wide.

Monterrey Macroplaza - Photo by Rutlo

Monterrey Macroplaza – Photo by Rutlo

The Macroplaza is also the staging ground of the Bella Via Festival, an important cultural event in honor of the coexistence of local and foreign artists of considerable talent. During the festival, the entire area of the plaza becomes a veritable canvas with hundreds of works of art and impressive reproductions.
Yet around Monterrey, the true gorgeous nature of Nuevo Leon is revealed in the form of a mountain range. The range, which is very popular with both visitors and locals, is ideal for exploration and adventurous exercise. There are rock formations, canyons and waterfalls, the result of millions of years of a changing landscape, just waiting for people to explore them. Such sites make great spots for camping, rappelling, hiking and similar activities of an eco-tourism style, for which there are a number of tour companies available for bookings. While you’re in the area be sure to experience a dive into the Cola de Caballo (Horsetail) waterfall, a sail around La Boca dam, or a hike through the Matacanes, el Salto and Laberinto canyons which are world-class.

What is most worth mentioning in recommending Nuevo Leon to potential visitors is the state’s incredible cuisine. Even those eager for just a taste will find more than they bargained for with mouth-watering meals like the following:

Tacos de Trompo: Marinated smoky pork with spicy chili, pineapple, onion and cilantro

Cabrito: Specialist roasted lamb dish

Frijoles Charros: Open fire cooked beans with chili, herbs and meat

Machaca: Scrabbled eggs and shredded beef mixed with chili pepper and onions

Cortadillo: Beef combined with tomatoes and fresh chili

And if after that you have room for dessert, there’s the Glorias (burnt milk and nut sweets) to really fill your stomach to the brim.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your wild side, or impressing your culinary explorer, Nuevo Leon will have you leaving satisfied and eager to come back for more. There really is so much to do in the area, and this article has only covered a sliver, most focused around Monterrey, so make sure you do a lot of research to ensure that you’re not missing out on anything during the time that you have.

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Palenque – A Unique Jungle Ruin

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Located in the Chiapas, a state on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Palenque is a modern town most famous for the ancient remains left behind my the Aztecs. That’s right, just 6 kilometers out of town, the ruins of a Mayan city dating from about 600AD to 800AD are open for explortion. The ruins of Palenque are really what puts this area of Mexico on the map, and are no doubt a national treasure.

Photo by: Carlos Adampol

Photo by: Carlos Adampol

One of the best known examples of Maya architecture in Mexico, Palenque might only be a medium-sized site, but it more than makes up for it. Although it isn’t nearly as big as other famous spots, Palenque contains some of the finest architecture, sculpture and bas-relief carvings remaining from the Maya era. Spread over 15 square kilometers within a national park, the site is definitely worth spending an entire day exploring, although only the central acropolis areas have been excavated. The Templo de Las Inscripciones, a striking burial monument is the tallest building on site. There is also a rulers residence (El Palacio), that was build in stages before being restored in 1955.

For visitors touring the ruins, there are more activities in the surrounds to occupy you after your trip back in time. Particularly impressive is the Mishol-Ha waterfall, which is only a short hike away. The falls are very high, and water cascades into a natural pool where hikers will also find a cave hidden behind the curtain of water. You can swim there, but not after heavy rains.

One of the biggest challenges for visitors to Palenque is deciding where to stay. Modern Palenque town offers cheaper options for food, but if you choose to stay out of town in the jungle, you’ll find much more on offer such as the budget El Panchán. To most travellers, the modern town of Palenque is little more than a starting point to explore the ruins, and a spot to find half-reliable internet access. But, the town is beginning to show signs of improvement, and recent months have seen a makeover occurring on the city’s main road. Still it seems unlikely to unseat the travelers hangout of El Panchán from the minds of Palenque visitors.

As well as cheaper accommodation, El Panchán is famous among travellers, and located just off the road to the ruins. It has cheap accommodation options, but is also surprisingly the centre of Palenque’s alternative scene, where bohemians, anthropologists and archaeologists have made their home. Located in a dense area of rainforest, accommodation options are simple, but comfortable and include huts and cabanas. Also nearby are a few restaurants, nightly entertainment, a meditation temple and a pre-Hispanic steam bath (known as a temascal) all wrapped in the embrace of the small streams that run through the property.

The ruins might initially be your first point of call in Palenque, but after spending a few nights in the jungle, experiencing the wonder that must have overcome the first Spanish settlers, you’ll be more than interested in extending your stay.

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How to Save Money While Traveling to the Best Destinations in Mexico

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There is no question that Mexico is one of the best places to visit for a vacation. For one, the country is home to the best destinations that can surely capture the heart of many visitors. As a matter of fact, from North to South, there is always a place for everybody. However, some may hesitate visiting this wonderful paradise because of the idea that it might be expensive. However, it is not really the case. There are some ways to save money while traveling to the best destinations in Mexico. Here are some of them:


Photo by: Kirt Edblom

Shop in Town Squares and Local Markets

While tourists may easily be attracted to the main tourist shops and areas, you can discover wonderful shopping experience at local markets and town squares. With these options, you may even get to negotiate with the local vendors in order to get really good deals on locally handcrafted jewelry, artwork, and other souvenirs.

Avail of Cabo San Lucas Deals

If your point of destination is Cabo San Lucas, avail of deals that can provide you with amazing all-in offers when it comes to accommodation, meals, and other deals. If you may be traveling as a group, you may even be able to have a better chance of getting discounts for group packages. The best part about all-in deals is that after purchasing them, the only thing that you need to do is to prepare yourself for the trip.

Explore Natural Wonders

In order to save yourself from paying a whole lot of money in luxurious activities, why not go out and explore natural wonders in the area? For instance, if you are in Cabo, take a walk at the beaches, visit the El Arco, and enjoy the sightseeing offers and many more. If you are in any place in Mexico, do not forget to visit the Mayan ruins and be mesmerized by its beauty.

Travel from July to September

If you travel during peak season, you may have to expect a more expensive deal when it comes to the activities that you can enjoy. However, by getting deals between the months July to September, the temperature may rise but the crowds apparently thin out, which leaves you plenty of room for stretching out or just beside the pool. Don’t forget to bring in your sunscreen!

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Cultural Merida’s Top 3 Spots

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The largest city in the Yucatan Peninsula, Merida is a cultural crossways home to some 750,000 people. Considered my many to be the cultural capital of the entire peninsula, as far back as the Spanish conquest and settlement in the 1540s, Merida is a city awash with contrasts. Some visitors come away describing the centre as provincial, others as cosmopolitan, but whoever you believe Merida is a town brimming with history. From its narrow colonial streets, to the wide plazas and some of the best museums in the region, visitors to Merida will find much to entertain them.
Although regularly marketed as an ‘undiscovered gem’ by some obviously outdated tourism advertisers, Merida really is a tourist town. It might have been the rope making capital of Mexico in the past, but now tourism is big business here. Luckily, there hasn’t been any sacrifice of beauty in the process, and the locals will be more than happy to point out, if it isn’t obvious enough, just how gorgeous Merida really is.

Merida has lots on offer for visitors, but here are three things you definitely should take the time to see.

El Paseo Montejo

Constructed by the city’s wealthy, the El Paseo Montejo is an amazing tree-lined strip which is just perfect to walk down during the evening. Inspired by the Champs-Élysées in Paris, this boulevard is a dreamy local spot to explore. Check out the bakery at the Plaza de La Bandera, where even if baked goods aren’t for you, the family owners sell mouth-watering tamales every evening. Also worth a look is the Palacio Canton, a monstrous pink mansion housing the Regional Archaeology Museum. Both house and museum are one of a kind.

Mercado Lucas de Galvez and San Benito

A massive indoor market so odd it must be seen to be believed, these are two adjoining markets that sell everything from shoes and flowers, to turkey meat and spices. Certainly if you’re looking for something that shows off the real style of Merida, this is as close as you’re going to get!

Plaza Grande

Ideal if you want to get a day of people watching in during your time in Merida, the Plaza Grande is the city’s central square. At the heart of the town’s historic centre there is a large park surrounded by Merida’s historic buildings. These include the cathedral and museum of contemporary art in the east, the palace of Montejo the Conquistador in the south, the old City Hall in the west, and the Governor’s Palace in the north. On Sunday evenings the plaza’s surrounding areas are closed to visitors for a variety of music and cultural events.

Merida is a beautiful and unique city, with so much to do within the city bounds, as well as within a day or two drive of the area. If you do happen to get bored during your stay, consider heading out on a day trip (or staying overnight) at one of the nearby Mayan ruins, which are spectacular.

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Isla Cozumel – A Gem In The Sea

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Swimming in crystal, aquamarine waters in a paradise off the coast of Mexico, you might think you’re dreaming. Brightly colored fish dash past you at every moment, as coral waves from the reef bed. If you’re lucky, you might see the sweeping shadow of an eagle ray sprinting across the sea’s sandy bottom. But even if you don’t the world-famous marine-life that beckons to you from just 30 feet below the surface of that glittering sea will be more than enough to satisfy.

Photo by: Grand Velas

Photo by: Grand Velas

Welcome to Cozumel!

Since Jacques Cousteau first entered the waters of Cozumel in 1961, it has been very much on the world stage. Mexico’s largest island, Cozumel lies around 70 kilometres south of Cancun, and is a famous dive spot the world over. Once known as the Island of Swallows, Cozumel is also very popular with cruise ships and its tourist zone includes a pleasant town square to spend your holiday afternoons.

When it comes to diving, there are famous dive spots, and then there is Cozumel. Widely considered as one of the best scuba diving locations in the world, even in the dive industry, Cozumel is a must-dive destination. This subtropical paradise is a diver’s dream, with a plethora of incredible marine wildlife just waiting to be discovered. Much of the scuba diving and snorkeling on Cozumel is done around the reefs and coral formations in the shallow waters, extending from the southern tip of the island to the south of San Miguel on the west coast. Luckily for divers and swimmers alike, many of Cozumel’s beaches are protected as a part of an underwater national park, which has allowed the island to maintain such natural beauty.

If you are planning to have a divers holiday in Cozumel, make sure your dive tour is going to take you to Cankanaab Lagoon, one of the island’s most visited dive sites, and you’ll see why immediately. Both divers and snorkelers will have an opportunity to observe the incredible coral there, as well as beautiful limestone formations. The lagoon is also famed for having a rather large iguana population, which is well worth seeing. Operators on site offer dolphin swims as well, a once in a lifetime experience.

Other activities that might tickle your fancy on Cozumel include a glass bottom boat tour, which is perfect if you want to see more on your snorkel trip in transit. Tours tend to travel to two or three reefs around the island, and prices do vary, so shop around.

For those travelling with kids, Paradise Beach is a perfect spot to spend the day. Admission is free, and beach chairs as well as passes to one of Cozumel’s largest swimming pool are at a cost. A number of activities are also included, such as snorkeling equipment, kayaking, paddleboarding, watersliding and various climbing activities. There are great food options right on the beach, as well as showers and other amenities. All in all a perfect day out, and a great way to start, or finish, your Cozumel adventure.

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The Beaches of Costalegre, Mexico

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Much of Mexico’s Jalisco coast, between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta has been included under the general classification of the Costalegre, making it a little like the Amafi coast in Italy, a vast stretch of coastline about 150 miles long. Certainly, it’s a big enough place to explore, and these’s lots to see, but just why should you be interested in going there? Well first off, it’s absolutely beautiful, with incredible beaches and amazing surrounds.

Known by most as the Happy Coast, Costalegre is also well known as Mexico’s Virgin Coast due to the high quality of its many beautiful beaches. The beaches and bays, which are almost neighboring and separated by cliffs and rock formations easily traversed with boats or pangas. It’s popular with celebrities, party people and eco tourists, featuring everything from serene marine environments to luxury resorts and spas.

Photo by: TavoGDL

Photo by: TavoGDL

But of course it’s the beaches and bays that make Costalegre so appealing, and here are some of the best:

Bahía Tenacatita
Home to three great beaches, Bahía Tenacatita is a great spot for families and general travellers with activities and shallow seas that make for safe swimming. Playa Tenacatita will tempt you with crystal clear snorkelling opportunities, as well as an eco-tourism magnet in the nearby mangrove lagoon. Playa Boca de Iguanas and Playa La Manzanilla are also located here, where visitors will find relaxed surf breaks, and lots of space for lying around to tan. Both Playa Boca de Iguanas and Playa La Manzanilla offer accommodation options and restaurants, making them perfect bases for a beach holiday in the Costalegre.

Playa Perula
A gorgeous and very sheltered beach situated at the northern end of Bahía de Chamela, an eleven kilometre bay, Playa Perula is perfect if you’re looking to take a long walk, or hit the water for a swim. You can even stay nearby, and local offerings include some affordable digs, and some great palapa restaurants.

Playa Tecuán
For the explorers of Costalegre, there’s nowhere quite like Playa Tecuán, a regularly empty white-sand beach complete with creepy long-abandoned resort. Don’t expect it to be an easy find though, the beach is located some 10 kilometres off the highway, and the road is rough as anything.

Playa Careyes
Villa haven, Playa Careyes is a popular spot with honeymooners thanks to its reputation as the luxury villa centre, and features lovely examples of Mediterranean architecture. They stand out, but also complete the picture on this stretch of san, where locals have recently been making impressive progress with the hawksbill sea turtle population, which are endangered.

Bahía de Chamela
Featuring two secluded and serene beaches, Playa Chamela and Playa La Negrita, Bahía de Chamela is the Costalegre spot to relax and let the world go by. The area has a few little restaurants, but not accommodations, making it daytrip only. But organise with a boat to stay and watch the sunset over the bay’s nine islands, which is breathtaking.

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5 places in Mexico you should go for stress relief

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Photo Credit: Body Treat Spa

Going away from your daily activities (AKA stress) is something everybody should do once in a while to stay happy. One of the best known ways to do so is taking a vacation, and as you may know, Mexico is a perfect destination for putting away the stress that comes with your daily life.

Now, there are a bunch of places you could go in order to achieve your stress-relief mission and your decision will mostly depend on your style and of course your budget.

Here are the 5 destinations and activities we recommend forkeeping a stress-free lifestyle:

1. Beachfront massage in Cabo San Lucas

Photo Credit: Body Treat Spa

Photo Credit: Body Treat Spa

Not just a massage but a full spa experience. Cabo is a placer very well known for its luxury accommodations, friendly people and breathtaking beaches. In Cabo, companies like Body Treat Spa offer a full spa & salon experience in the comfort of your place, which means you could stay in a beach front private villa and enjoy what would be one of the most soothing experiences you could have ever imagined. Body Treat Spa also offer brides a stress-free wedding, as they not only provide massages, facials and spa services but they’re also Cabo make-up professionals which altogether will make any bride feel at ease on her big day.

2. Visit the Monarch butterfly Sanctuary

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Juan Emilio

Picture yourself surrounded by nature while thousands of beautiful Monarch butterflies dance around you.

The largest reserve monarch butterfly sits on El Rosario Sanctuary, Ssrrounded by pines, firs and cedars on the hill of the bell. This incredible natural area, part of the Biosphere Reserve Monarch Butterfly is located in the town Ocampo, Michoacán and has up to four colonies of monarch butterflies which are concentrated in the Valle de Los Conejos and Balsitas. These Lepidoptera seek oyameles El Rosario because here the temperature is warm by day and night. To know them you just have to walk about 2 miles, always accompanied by a guide and recommended trails. I assure you, a day here will last for eternity in your memories. Whenever you feel that stress is coming back at you, stop what you’re doing and return to that moment in your mind, take a couple minutes to picture these precious moments of joy.

3. Rent a private cottage in a “magical town”

Photo Credit: Armando Sosa

Photo Credit: Armando Sosa

This magical town attracts us with its atmosphere of mountains, the surrounding nature and range of activities inside the village and its surroundings. Tapalpa means “land of color” in Nahuatl, the name given by the tone of the land that is in the region. The truth is that the turquoise sky, emerald forest and red earth create a formidable landscape.

4. Explore the Mayan World

Photo Credit: Carlos Delgado

Photo Credit: Carlos Delgado

The Mayan civilization was one of the most advanced and sophisticated cultures of the Western Hemisphere before the arrival of Europeans in America. It flourished during the years 300-900 AD and once consisted of about 40 cities in the region comprising southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and northern Belize where there are some of the most impressive ruins of these ancient cities that can be visited today. Many of these Mayan ruins have been designated as World Heritage.

Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba, Uxmal, Comalcalco, Edzna and many more to choose from. perhaps you could try and go Mayan-temple hopping.

5. Take a gastronomic adventure

Photo Credit: Joselu Blanco

Photo Credit: Joselu Blanco

Mexico is famed for its gastronomy, and trust me, it’s not only the tacos that will make you want more and more. The flavours, smells and textures of traditional Mexican ingredients are an assault on the senses, so pick a traditional city such as Yucatan or Chiapas and come delight your palate. You won’t ever want to go back to burgers and fries!

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Querétaro – The Misunderstood Gem

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Querétaro, the capital city of a state with the same name, has for too long got the short end of the straw. Regularly dismissed in the past as not having that much going for it, Querétaro is in fact a gorgeous and bustling city well worth exploring on your next visit to Mexico. Although upon entry its busy freeways can give a different impression, Querétaro has a beautiful, and historical, centre just waiting to be discovered.

Within the confines of the city’s historical centre, visitors will experience the wonders of the incredible plazas and pedestrian streets. In fact, Querétaro’s entire downtown area is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This includes the Cerro del Sangremal, a hilltop on which the Convent of the Holy Cross is located. There are a number of other religious sights in the city, including the Santa Clara and Santa Rosa de Viterbo churches, both constructed in the baroque style with a strong use of gold The effect is rather striking, and should not be missed.

Photo by: Dimitry

Photo by: Dimitry

While you’re wandering around in the city see some of the local art and culture with a trip to the colonial theatre Corral de Comedias, to enjoy some local food and a comedy play. Alternatively, Querétaro’s philharmonic orchestra perform at the Teatro de la República. This historical building was also the location where the constitution was written, and where the national anthem was first performed. If performance isn’t your thing, there are a number of museums in Querétaro, including the traditional Art Museum, and the quirky Mathematics Museum.

For many, there is no better way to celebrate Mexican culture than by participating in the spectatorship of one of the country’s most well-known traditions: Bullfighting. Although the topic is one fraught with issues, Querétaro does happen to have two bullfighting rings, both of which are widely acclaimed and even considered famous. The first, Plaza Santa Maria, is considered the third most important bullring in all of Mexico, while the second, Juriquilla, is considered to be the most beautiful in the whole country.

Querétaro features an abundance of elegant and local restaurants and eateries where the best and most influential Mexican dishes are served. This, perhaps above all other things, shows Querétaro role in Mexican history. Famous foods from the area include the Enchiladas Queretanas, a corn tortilla stuffed with chicken stew, potatoes and carrots before being smothered in sauce and the Nopal en Penca, a cactus stuffed with nopal strips, garlic, onions, chili and oregano which is served with cheese, avocado and sauce. For dessert don’t be put off by the Dulce de chilacayote; it might be fruit fried in lard, but when covered in cinnamon flavored honey it is delicious.

So whether it’s art and culture, gourmet local foods, or the excitement of the bullfighting rings, Querétaro has something sure to suit everyone’s needs. And with a new international airport recently completed in the area, it will only become more simple and cheaper to travel in and out of this highly interesting city.

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Sonora – A State of Many Opportunities

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Sonora title as Mexico’s second largest state happens to make it one of the country’s most interesting to visit. Why? Well it all comes down to the innumerable possibilities contained within the massive landmass that is the state of Sonora. Diverse ecosystems offer visitors a variety of experiences, from desert to coast, that come together for one incredible experience.

It seems almost impossible to choose which area of Sonora offers the most for visitors. When it comes to nature, there are impressive offerings in every corner. Great sweeping plains in the north, deserts and the Sierra Marde Occidental mountains all contrasting wildly with the clear waters of the Sea of Cortex make it a land of many faces. This makes ecotourism Sonora’s big business, with lots of great natural (and extreme) adventures including diving, hunting, mountain trekking, biking and even fishing.

Photo by: Matt Borden

Photo by: Matt Borden

If nature is what you’re looking for the El Pinicate Biosphere Reserve is 715,000 hectares of opportunities to see that in action. Despite being a desert and volcanic region, the reserve is home to hundreds of flora species, 41 native mammals, 49 different amphibians and reptiles and an incredible 237 types of birds.
Those seeking history on their Sonora adventure should look no further than the city of Alamos. This historical colonial town is full of the architectural grandeur Mexico’s past is famous for. Enjoy a day wandering around the city known as Sonora’s colonial relic, seeing the cobblestone alleys and ancient buildings. Walk through one of the city’s many archways, which lends to its other nickname: The City of Portals.

Sights in the town include the Purisima Concepcion Church, easily the most recognizable symbol of Alamos. It was the first bishopric seat in the area, and was constructed in 1757. Also take a step back through time in the Plaza de Armas, where archways, cobblestones and a century-old kiosk await time travelers wanting to relax and enjoy the amazing atmosphere on offer here.

On the coast the famous town of Rocky Point, or Puerto Peñasco, offers more than most people can handle in the form of beachfront parties and singularly amazing coastlines. It is definitely an ideal spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy some long sunny days in a Mexican paradise.

But, one of the biggest draws of the Sonora’s wilds, and indeed what continues to bring in larger numbers year on year, is the hunting opportunities to be found in the state. Tour companies flourish in a number of cities within the state offering visitors the opportunity to take on some big game like big horn sheep, wild boar and white tailed deer.

There seems to be no end to the activities available in vast Sonora, and any visitor will be spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring this incredible state. So don’t let recent tourism scares keep you away from the magic of Mexico’s second largest state, there’s more then enough for everyone to do, and more experiences than you could even hope to remember.